Why choose FeaturesDesk

Competitive Pricing


FeaturesDesk offers complete and pre-edited original news features packages at competitive prices per story, depending on the required length of copy, illustrations and degree of exclusivity. 

Made for You

  • Our stories are tailored to meet the special needs of each individual customer to best connect with the client’s readership. We provide simple and direct B2B communication and updates during the writing process.

Style guide


We provide freelance copy to client deadlines and original content, written to the AP or client specific style guides.

Multilingual content


Our multilingual team and greater network can translate packages into a variety of European languages including German, French, Danish, Spanish and Dutch on request.

NAPA accredited


FeaturesDesk is a member of the National Association of Press Agencies and is IPSO compliant.

Verified content

All content sold by FeaturesDesk is reviewed and edited by three senior editors, including source checks, to ensure original, consistent and reliable copy.